Cub Cadet Part #:

  • ​N/A
Drive shaft coupling

release rod pin

Cub Cadet Dual Wheel Spacer Kit. Set of 10 incl hardened washers and grade 8 nuts.

Cub Cadet Part #:

  • ​IH-376282-R2
Original CC clutch bushing

Release Rod Pin

Cub Cadet Part #:

  • ​IH-401456-R2

Hydro Relief Valve Rebuild Service
Front Axle Connections Steering Hydro valves PTO parts Misc. parts
axle pin 1/2 cam follower (short) automatic relief valve brass button with nut C.C. original bushing
front and rear axle pin bushings 1/2 cam follower brass button without nut drive shaft coupling
C.C. 9/16 cam follower center PTO clutch button release pin rod
J.D. 9/16 cam follower
axle pin and bushing set wide frame steering kunckle
ball bearings / Ross steering column

Cub Cadet Part #:

  • ​IH-394036-R1

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Cub Cadet Original Bushing

Drive shaft coupling

Cub Cadet Dual Wheel Spacer Set

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